We all know kids love to jump, bounce and play; that is probably why Bounce Houses are so popular. What about adults?

Every time I set an inflatable unit up, I immediately want to climb in and start jumping around. Lucky for me, I get to test each and every one out before letting the kids play until their hearts’ content.


Bounce House Benefits


Along with making the kid in me jump for joy, bounce houses have health benefits that the entire family can take advantage of.

Cardio Fix – While jumping, playing and of course having a blast; kids and adults are getting a healthy dose of cardio. The heart rate of a “bouncer” increases with every jump and ultimately increases their cardio health.

Bone Strengthening – Jumping is a known form of exercise, as it strengthens bone density and muscles.

Flexibility – Train your joints, tendons and ligaments; all while bouncing in an inflatable unit. This also provides enhance body flexibility.

Weight Loss – Increase your metabolism and lose weight with regular jumping.

Bounce House Rentals are a great way to get your kids outside and playing instead of sitting in front of the TV. If you can’t beat them, join them by taking advantage of the health benefits that follow jumping in an inflatable bounce house.