Recent warm, or should we say HOT weather in Melbourne has inspired us to create a quick list of essential tricks for staying cool during outdoor summer fun.

The children are eager to run around outside, play ports or bounce in the bounce house that you of course rented from BigTimeFun Inflatables. As parents we try to think of way to keep them and ourselves cool we can all enjoy the time spent outside.

Essential Tricks to Staying Cool While Outdoors During those Hot Summer Months

  • Don’t wipe that seat away – While you may instinctively want to towel off, did you know that letting the perspiration stay on your skin will actually help you feel cooler? It is also a god idea to use a spray bottle (of water, not sweat) to mist yourself and children before and during outside playtime.
  • Heat Index Consideration – The temperature reading outside may not tell the whole story. Be sure to check Warmer Weather and Bouncin Funthe local weather forecast, this normally provides you with a heat index readjust like the wind chill affects the temperature during winter, humidity can affect how hot a given temperature actually feels.
  • Wear the right clothing – Dress yourself and the kids in light colored clothing. Breathable fabric is best for hot weather.
  • Drink Water – This is one of the important tricks. While playing outdoors, be sure to drink 7-10 ounces of water periodically to keep your self hydrated.
  • Find the Shade – If your neighborhood is anything like ours, most of trees have been removed. Be sure to find shade to help stay cool when you can. If you need something to offer yourself and guests shade during an event, BigTimeFun Inflatables offers canopies as an Inflatable Rental add-on or stand alone rental.
  • Plan Ahead – Of course we suggest checking the local weather, but we also recommend having some indoor events scheduled during outdoor time to break up the constant heat. During your event or birthday party, allow guests to play outside, after a little time has passed you could offer snacks inside or cake. Once everyone is back outside playing, the next inside cool down session could be to open presents or take pictures. By having a plan, you are able to set limits on the exposure to heat.
  • Accessories, Shoes and Hats – Keep accessories to a minimum and shoes that breathe. A hat with a brim will also keep the sun out of your face to help keep you cool.
  • Fans are our Friends –Handheld or stationary, if you have them .. use them. When temperatures are in the 90’s try placing a damp piece of fabric carefully in front of the fan or use a chilled bowl of water. It is also suggested that when renting a bounce house, try to choose a set-up location where even a slight breeze can be felt by jumpers.